Does this sound like you?



"I've always been interested in playing an instrument, but don't know where to start!"

"I love playing music and want to take my playing to the next level!"

"I've got gaps in my musical knowledge and skills"

"I want the flexibility of learning online at my own pace, but I need support"

Welcome... you're in the right place.

Hey, I'm Crafty!

Hence the name... Crafty Music Tips!

The story of how I got my nickname is a long one, so to keep it short - some people thought I was very 'crafty' in the way I play my instruments, so they made it a name and it stuck!

Now my aim is to help you get 'crafty' on your instrument.  Yes, I'm not afraid of puns... I'm also not afraid to share the tips and tricks I've learned as a multi-instrumentalist and music coach over the past 20+ years to help you feel like you're kicking goals with your music.

South Australia is home to me, where I lead a pretty hectic music-filled life, which if I were to sum up, would be teaching in person and online during the week, and playing gigs on the weekends. 

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Help me to help YOU

Only thinking or saying that you'd like to improve your musical abilities is the start of the battle.  So do yourself a good turn and have a look into the ways I can help you out along your musical journey.  Click [HERE]