Sing It Live: BEHIND THE SOUND [Disco Inferno - The Trammps]

behind the scenes behind the sound disco inferno sing it live the trammps Apr 06, 2024

It's time to double check the batteries in your fire alarm because this episode of 'BEHIND THE SOUND' is going to be HOT!  Or perhaps just because it's a conscientious thing to do... Either way, I sit down and have a good hard chat with, ugh... myself, about the latest Sing It Live recording of The Trammps song 'Disco Inferno'.  Like all songs, disco related or not, they take work in preparing to record to present as a quality video for YouTube, and because one doesn't like to blow one's own trumpet without justification, take a look for yourself to see what went into putting this particular song together.


'Disco Inferno' (The Trammps) by Sing It Live:

Produced and mixed by Darren Mullan
Recorded LIVE in Darren's Basement Studio, South Australia

Lead vocals: Darren Mullan
Guitar & vocals: Shaun Holton
Keys & vocals: Stuart Day
Trumpet & vocals: Crafty
Saxophone: Lachlan McGargill
Drums & vocals: Mario Marino
Bass: Damien Steele Scott

Recorded and mixed using Apple Logic Pro
Shot on iPhone
Written by Leroy Green & Ron "Have Mercy" Kersey

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Click HERE to watch on YouTube.