Sing It Live: BEHIND THE SOUND [Just What I Needed - The Cars]

behind the sound interview just what i needed sing it live the cars Dec 09, 2023

'Just What I Needed’ is a classic song for many reasons. Darren (Mr Sing It Live himself) and I chat about a bunch of them and why recording this song by The Cars was so great to do.


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'Just What I Needed' (the Cars) by SingitLive:

Produced and mixed by Darren Mullan
Recorded Live at Darren's Basement Studio, South Australia

Keys & Lead vocals: Darren Mullan
Guitars & vocals: Crafty & Tzan Niko
Drums & vocals: Mario Marino
Bass: Damien Steele Scott

Recorded and mixed using Apple Logic Pro
Shot on iPhone by Zoran Paovic
Written by Ric Ocasek

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